Legacies are born when people create lives bigger than themselves, in places they’ve helped shape.
We Explore & Celebrate these Big Lives happening in Small Places.

People in Small Towns are doing and creating amazing things. We celebrate those big, rich lives, and help people create the legacies they desire.

Nominations for Small Town Legacies. Photo: Seth Doyle.
Wanted Photographers and Writers in Small Towns. Photo: Jacob Sapp

Do you know someone who lives in a Small Town and is creating a Big Life?

From the locally-owned business on Main Street that has stayed long after the factories left to a neighbor who created the world's biggest apple pie festival. Or a teacher who started a program that is now taught all over the world. From individuals pursuing their Big Dreams in unlikely places, to events that have shaped the culture of small towns and even nations: they all matter here.

Now, you can nominate someone to be a "Small Town Legacy". There are 3 categories to choose from - be sure to check them all out!

We are working with local writers, photographers, bloggers and other 'creatives', who call Small Town's "theirs", to share deep, authentic stories that celebrate Small Town Legacies. Apply now to join us for this exciting project!

This is a community-centered endeavor, with a strong focus on small, independent businesses and events that make places truly unique.  

The goal:  share stories that touch on truths and lives bigger than any one small town could hold, and yet there they are:

Thriving and being these snippets of inspiration that we get to shine a little light on.

Highlighting these gems in Small Towns helps bring attention and ignite the imaginations of potential visitors and investors, as well as generate positive feelings for those who live, work and play there.

Why Legacies?

  • Legacies are what we create that are bigger than ourselves: the things we leave behind that matter (which are rarely ‘things’ at all). The stories, the love, the impact we’ve made.
  • Legacies are what people sometimes wait too long to think about, or change. We want to shift that.

Why Small Towns?

  • Sometimes, it takes looking at the Small stories to understand the really Big ones.

Come along on the journey to Explore, Celebrate, and Share inspiring,  fun, and down-right unbelievable stories of people creating Great Big Lives in Really Small Places!