Why Legacies?

  • Legacies are what we create that are bigger than ourselves: the things we leave behind that matter (which are rarely ‘things’ at all). The stories, the love, the impact we’ve made.
  • Legacies are what people sometimes wait too long to think about, or change. We’re working to shift that a smidge.

Why Small Towns?

  • Small Towns are what I know. I grew up in small towns, and am raising my family in a small town.
  • Small Towns are fascinating with their dynamic, criss-cross patterns of relationships.
  • Small Towns are our history. But, they are also our Present, and I believe, an important part of our Future.
  • People feel connected to Small Towns. Whether it is “their” Small Town, or one their family has roots in, or ones they’ve visited.

Perhaps even most importantly:

  • Sometimes, it takes looking at the Small stories to understand the really Big ones.

Let the Cities keep their fictional “Urban Legends”. Here, we are all about the true Small Town Legacies.

Come along on the journey to Explore, Celebrate, and Share inspiring,  fun, and down-right unbelievable stories of people creating Great Big Lives in Really Small Places! 


Want More?

The Book: Look for more to come on the first Small Town Legacies book. Send us an email and we’ll keep you posted on the progress (and send “bonus” features you won’t find here).

The Blog: Read all about where we’re going, who we’re meeting, and who’s come before us. You can join us and follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest too.

Working with Me: Do you have people, places or events that you think should be featured in our Small Town Legacies collections? Contact Me today! Have Blog, Will Travel.

Along the way, I also work one-on-one with communities, businesses, and artists to build the legacies they desire. Find our more here. 

Not quite enough? Get to know a little more about me, and this project, here. I can’t wait to meet you, and hear what you’ve been creating!