Your Small Town has a life bigger than its numbers.

The question I hear most is:  “how do we get people here”?how do we get people here? become destination worthy. J Austin Small Town Legacies

I call this a desire to be “destination-worthy”.

It’s a common dilemma, and for those in Small Towns, it poses particular challenges

You’re also not alone if you find yourself saying things like:

  • I wish people knew more about the good things happening here. There are so many possibilities!
  • Why don’t people from ___ come more often? They should love us!
  • I have a website, isn’t that enough?
  • Those email addresses I collected were useless.
  • I know we should do more with Facebook. There’s just no time.
  • I can’t plan for next year. I’m too busy right now.
  • This seems easy enough, I could do it myself and save a lot of money.
  • How do others manage all of it?

Are you ready to get to the next level? Gathering the right stories, packaging them, and sharing them, can seem overwhelming. I know this challenge because I’ve lived it, and I’ve helped hundreds of organizations facing the same issues.

I can help turn your questions and concerns into plans and actions, creating content and helping you achieve your goals.

Ways We Can Work Together

When you’re ready to meet your goals by celebrating who you are, I’m here to help.

Services available if you are a mission-driven:

  • Small Town Business
  • Small Town Artist/ Creative
  • Small Town government/ downtown organization
  • Small Town nonprofit organization

Services Offered:

I provide content that delivers results. For those who want to take things to the next level, I offer a few options to help develop, manage and distribute that content.

  • Content Development : Storytelling at it’s core! (I love this stuff). From writing good copy to editing the not-so-good, I help you get results.
  • Consultation: From strategies to implementation, for those with questions.
  • Social and Online Media Management– Individualized plans incorporating SEO, Analytics, Website Development, Content Creation, Distribution, & Social Media.
  • Workshops & Trainings: Small Group and One-on-One, designed to deliver needed assistance.
  • Coaching: Personalized, ongoing consultations and trainings combined.
Yes- I'm ready to start creating my legacy and sharing my stories!