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Breaking Bread, and Soft Boundaries

There was a feeling of camaraderie and the quiet comfort that comes from long-time friendships amongst the 6 Board members as we sat around the table in the small church. I was invited to share in the home baked goods they had brought to share with each other, a traditional way to kick off their monthly meetings. The mushroom-stuffed pumpkin was a first for me, the aroma filled the air, and it was absolutely delicious. I solicited a promise for the recipe*, and the friendly check-ins and chatter continued.

Soon, we got down to the matter at hand.

I had been invited to talk with this group of committed Board members about “Marketing”. There wasn’t much time, as they had a lot of ground to cover. But, they knew this was important. They wanted to understand more and be able to do more.

The next hour was filled with ‘ah’ and ‘oh’ and ‘we could do this’ moments. The things we discussed weren’t magic. They were based on solid strategies. But, it felt a bit magical. For me, it always does. There is a shift in energies as people recognize the power their own stories have. How they can celebrate who they are, and help transform them into what they want to be and accomplish.

I am thankful that I got to break bread with this great group of people. Helping break those soft boundaries of possibility, allowing the energy and potential to flow, is one of the most exciting moments. I look forward to the follow-ups to come, and the stories that develop.

~This is why I love what I do!~


Below is a note from one of the members I received the next day.Note from Church member


*P.S.- If you drop me a line and ask, I’ll send you the recipe for that delicious baked stuffed pumpkin!