Shaping Legacies with Awards and Grants

Taking the time to recognize those in our communities who step up and make a difference publicly acknowledges their efforts, celebrates their accomplishments, and encourages others. People can be inspired to join in the efforts of those being recognized, through volunteering, donating. When business owners are recognized, it provides deeper connections for customers and clients. In small towns, it’s especially easy to assume that “everyone knows everything”, because sometimes it … Read More

The Perkins: One Small Town Legacy

People often wonder what exactly is meant by ‘creating your small town legacy’. Below is an example of how one family is building their legacy as they work towards their goals. The story (originally published here), celebrates their uniqueness, sharing some of their hopes and dreams. ___________________- The Perkins’: Building a Family Business and a Dream Danny and Debbie Perkins spent most of their careers in upstate New York, but … Read More

Public Arts and Creative Placemaking as Economic Drivers

I was invited to be on the panel for a Public Arts Forum, specifically to talk about how it relates to Economic Development and my work with the Downtown Brattleboro Alliance. Here is a an audio of my presentation, giving a brief overview of some of our work, and some details about one project in particular. For more information on that project, MILES (the Mobile Interactive Literary Exhibition Space), take … Read More


<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=/DowntownBrattleboro/?qsefr=1&_fb_noscript=1″ />It was exactly the kind of place he would have picked: a diner-style country restaurant where the food was filling and mattered far more than the outdated decor which faded into the background behind the all-day breakfasts with options like homefries:… grilled or deep-fried. Pancakes came in stacks and biscuits with gravy was more common than yogurt. The coffee was fresh, hot and bottomless, (though he … Read More

Even the Darkest Days Offer Something to Celebrate

It’s no secret that winter and I are not the best of friends. I find the cold, short days tiresome. It tends to rub me the wrong way, bringing on dry skin, slippery roads, and back-breaking shoveling. And yet, I continue to live here in the Northeast. In some ways, living in these less-than-hospitable conditions has helped me hone my ability to search for, and find, the positive in most … Read More

Websites and Marketing Strategies

When designing a website, I look at the entire organization- not just what they ask for in a website. If you want effective marketing, it must reflect the organization and their goals, which sometimes are not the same as the ones they articulate. This sometimes happens because they don’t know all the possibilities available. Mostly it’s because their expertise is in meeting their particular mission, not marketing. Marketing is often … Read More

Public Art Events- Celebrating and Creating Legacies

Few things help create legacies while celebrating who we are like a great public art event. That is just one reason I have been pleased to be a part of putting together the Wet Paint Live – Vermont event. This event builds on the growing interest in the arts in southeastern Vermont, as well as events that are already popular (fall foliage in Vermont and the Vermont Apple Festival). Designed … Read More

Breaking Bread, and Soft Boundaries

There was a feeling of camaraderie and the quiet comfort that comes from long-time friendships amongst the 6 Board members as we sat around the table in the small church. I was invited to share in the home baked goods they had brought to share with each other, a traditional way to kick off their monthly meetings. The mushroom-stuffed pumpkin was a first for me, the aroma filled the air, … Read More