Are you:Wanted Photographers and Writers in Small Towns. Photo: Jacob Sapp

  • a writer,
  • photographer or
  • blogger

Living or working in a Small Town?

Do you Want:

  • More opportunities to reach new audiences?
  • To help local businesses and your community?

What if you could do both, with potential to earn a few dollars?

If this sounds interesting, then you are in the right place!

We are looking for people just like you, who can share inspiring stories from your small towns!

What you get:

  • A Chance to Meet New People (or learn more about them)
  • Reach New Audiences (we know how hard it can be to break through the noise of the internet and we’re here to help you)
  • Links from any articles you help produce to your own website
  • Tools & Resources for engaging your local media about your work with Small Town Legacies
  • A chance to help make a difference in your community! (This is why we started this project, and hope it makes you feel good too!)

What you’ll Do:

  • You choose how to participate
  • The more involved you are, the more you will benefit
  • You can:
    • Join a Small Town Legacy nominations review team
    • Nominate people from your own community
    • Be one of our partners to produce Featured profiles
      (taking photos, interviewing local people, writing journalistic style stories and profiles of local people and events)
    • Help spread the word by contacting your local media when a nominee is selected from your area
    • Collaborate with others in your area to increase participation and leverage each others’ skills and resources

What We Do for You:

  • Provide tools, resources, and support for developing deeper connections with your own community
  • Provide a platform for meaningful ways for you to help support your community
  • Help you reach new audiences
  • As our network grows, so will yours!

How Much Does it Cost to Participate?

It costs you nothing. There are currently ZERO entry fees.
We are looking for well-qualified people who want to make a difference while reaching new audiences.
In fact, our mid-range goal is to pay all our contributors for their work. Right now, we are self-funding everything. Because we absolutely value the work of professional writers and photographers, we are committed to paying for those pieces included in print publications and are developing plans to pay for all levels of contributions. We do believe the tools and support we are offering is a fair exchange.

Please send an email with “Help Build Legacies” as subject line to: