Women are fueling the economic growth in America- from the board room to Main Street. Over the last 9 years, women-owned businesses have grown at nearly 5 Small Town Legacies Nominations Downtown Divas. Small Towns. Main Street. Photo: J. Austintimes the national average. There are now over 11 million women-owned businesses*. Walk through any small town’s downtown region and you are likely to find more women-owned businesses opening.

It’s not just business owners either. Our “Downtown Divas” include some of the behind-the scenes workers too. Did you know that many small towns have a Downtown or “Main Street” program, and that many of them are led by women? I know this is true, because I’m one of those people, and I work with many of them!

We want to celebrate all the great ways women are helping our Small Towns’ Downtowns and Main Streets thrive!

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*2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report