• What if my person fits more than one category?

    Choose the one you think “Best” fits the person. In the nomination, you can mention the other category(ies) you feel are also a good fit. We will make a final determination about the category that seems to fit best, and in some cases, may choose to include them in more than one.

  • What happens after I nominate someone?

    We will contact you if we have any questions, so be sure to complete your contact information. We will review your submission, and let you know when it is finished. We will notify the person that they have been nominated as a Small Town Legacy by you. And, may contact them for more information or to set up a detailed interview for a featured segment.

  • Will they know I nominated them?

    Generally, yes. Unless you ask us not to share that with them. But, people really appreciate knowing who has taken the time and cared enough to nominate them for such an honor. So, make sure your reason is compelling if you ask us not to share.

  • Can I nominate myself?

    Sure. It hasn’t happened yet, but we like your confidence! If you match the criteria and would like to nominate yourself, we are currently allowing that. All we ask is that you try to think of at least one other person in your community also worthy of being a “Small Town Legacy” and nominate them as well.

  • How do you decide who is named a “Small Town Legacy”?

    Good question! We work with a small, dedicated team who reviews the nominations. Together, we determine who will be named a Small Town Legacy, what kind of follow to do, and if they will be a special featured Legacy. The information we receive on the nomination forms is very important to this process.

  • What happens if they are named a “Small Town Legacy”?

    Without revealing too much, we can say, they will be very honored. First, we will post their profile for a short time on our website. We will also send a notice to you, to them, and to any local media we have contacts for, to let them know this person has been so named.

  • What is a “featured” Legacy?

    If someone is named as a “featured” Legacy, we will do more in-depth coverage. This could include working with a local writer/photographer, and an article on our website that remains for at least a year. They will also be eligible for our annual spotlights as well as being included in other publications, such as our upcoming book. People who are featured will receive a digital certificate of this honor.

  • How can I support the work you are doing?

    Right now, we are self-funding all the work we are doing through our marketing services. The best way to support this project now is to help spread the word about Small Town Legacies- share it with your friends and family. Sign up for our newsletter, and share that too. If we continue to get enough interest, we may set up a donation page.

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