It takes a “village” to create a wonderful “Small Town”… Heart & Soul of Small Town. Photo: Mi Pham

There are so many incredible people involved in creating the kind of “Small Town” that people long to visit. Nearly every aspect of small town life requires a little extra from the people who live and work there.

From Coaching Little League to Putting Out Fires

Even when there are funds to pay for services, there are usually gaps that take dedicated folks to fill.

Shop keepers often are out there sweeping and shoveling the sidewalks out front, picking up stray bits to keep the town inviting.

Volunteers are usually required to be hands-on at every event- from Fourth of July parades to Christmas pageants and Farmer’s Markets. Sometimes, even the biggest jobs, like fighting fires, falls to volunteers.

The folks who do get paid, often put in extra hours, or take a little extra care of those in their charge, from teachers to health care providers. Maybe it’s because they are likely to know the person they care for, or their family. Maybe it’s because they are the kind of person who chose to live in a small town, and want that connection.

Or maybe, it’s because most people who go into those professions love what they do and genuinely care. Maybe a small town provides a little more opportunity to get to know each other.

Artists Helping Create Community

The other group who helps keep our Heart & Soul pumping in Small Towns are the artists. From writers and photographers to painters and performers. These people put their own hearts and souls out there. It can be hard anywhere, but particularly in a Small Town, to find people who appreciate every particular art form. But, these creatives are integral to the character of our towns. They often help create inviting designs, or fun-filled events that draw visitors. Even if they are quieter, they often contribute significantly to a small town economy.

Whatever the reasons, and whoever they are, we want to celebrate the men and women who provide the Heart & Soul of our Small Towns.

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