Small Town Legacies Nomination for 40+- Over 40 years old, in town under 40,000.Legacies come in all shapes and sizes.

Often, attention is focused on those under 40 living in the city.

Well, we’re changing things up!

Here, we are celebrating the amazing things those with a little more experience are doing in their Small Towns.

If you know someone who would make a great “Small Town Legacy”, nominate them today!

It’s easy, and could take as little as 5 minutes. Just fill out the form below and ‘submit’.
We’ll review your nomination and get back to you soon.

If we do choose your nominee, we will profile them and they may become one of our ‘featured’ legacies!

Being nominated makes people feel good. It lets them know someone appreciates their hard work and contributions, and cared enough to recognize them.


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Be sure to use Subject Line: Legacy Nomination