You have a story – and a legacy- ready to unfold! Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it requires a bit of discovery.

Knowing your story is only the first step. Sharing it effectively to meet goals requires an approach as unique to the individual as the story itself.

Every project has different needs (and budgets) and identifying the specific challenges and goals for each individual is a crucial step in the process.

I offer here a few sample projects so you can start to see how challenges are matched with the implementation. (You can click on the slides for more details).

Downtown Brattleboro
Development for downtown merchants and their representative organization
Center for Digital Art YouTube Channel set up
International NonProfit working on sustainability with the UN and other NGO's
Local Nonprofit Keeping Pets and Families Together
Facebook Development and Event Promotions
Center for Digital Art website development
Streamlining multiple channels, customizing to showcase art and style
Church website development: basic
ngo411- a Resource site for clients


Does this process work? Don’t take my word for it- see what others have to say!
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