Screenshot of Lucys House website front pageLucy’s House for the Prevention of Homeless Pets is a nonprofit organization committed to helping pets stay in their homes where they are loved. They provide food to local food shelves for those families needing help and through Meals on Wheels for seniors. It’s a great program that relies almost exclusively on volunteers and donations.

I was working with the founder on her business marketing and website and she wanted help with this one as well. The old site was challenging to navigate, had too many colors and no clear identity. The back end was a nightmare. The framework was difficult and the changes that had been made to it made it time consuming to make even a simple modification.

They were in the midst of a rebranding effort, so the graphics they had were outdated but they weren’t sure what the new ones would look like. They wanted something that could be done quick, cheap and provide a foundation for rapid updates. This was particularly important in supporting their volunteer events to make pet toys and beds, as well as acknowledging their grants and donors.

I worked with them to deliver a basic, super easy WordPress site that they can manage. I also added Donation areas, drop off locations for food, donor acknowledgements in the sidebar, and a customized header. Their pet food delivery has more than doubled in the past year- good news for the pets and families who can get through those tough spots!