NGO Sustainability, Inc was in the process of evaluating their marketing efforts and transitioning to a registered 501 (c) 3 organization when they lost their entire website and all related files due to a catastrophic server crash. All backup files for the server had been lost. There was no hope for recovery.

ngo sustainability website home page
Home Page

Rather than despair, we were able to step in and quickly created a temporary site that provided basic information and switched them to a more reliable and ‘greener’ host. Being able to help them transfer to a host that uses renewable energy and offset credits helped with their immediate needs and their mission.

Working remotely, we coordinated with the varying team members to come up with a plan that addressed their primary concerns, provided the colors and functionality they desired, and elevated their marketing to the next level. Features we added included:

– Prominent Donation Buttons in several areas
– Slider Development for home page
– Search Engine Optimization
– Email Sign-Ups
– Social Media Integration
– Google Analytics
– Site organization
– Board Member information and Individual Profiles
– Images: Added throughout site

ngo sustainability website intern page
Intern Page snapshot

– Enhanced Focus on Involvement
– Intern section with testimonials for recruitment
– Integrated Graphics, Colors and Design from Printed Materials into Web Design
– Blog Integration and Training
– Incorporating Historical Information
– Scheduled Automatic Backups
– Provided training for on-site staff and interns to maintain
– Ongoing support as needed
We also provided tagline development and offline marketing strategy integration. These services allowed them to focus on what they do best: Connecting people, ngo’s and corporations with the UN to promote global sustainability.