Church website home page

When the Unitarian Universalist Church website was up for renewal, they were also looking at some big-picture changes in how they engaged with the community.
As often happens, a bit of serendipity placed me in their path at just the right moment.

The Challenges:
– A look and feel consistent with the physical space
– Tools that are easy to use so part-time staff can manage it
– Ability to add images, features, new pages, and other items as needed
– Messaging that emphasized the mission
– Newsletter sign-up
– Social Media integration
– Needing flexibility to change and develop over the next couple of years as decisions were made and new ideas emerged

That last challenge can actually be the hardest. How do you provide something that will meet the dynamic needs of today and provide a solid framework for addressing tomorrow’s desires?

Church website news page
Church website news page

Many organizations, and I think churches in particular, face complexities of getting everyone’s approval and there is a need for smaller, incremental changes over a longer period of time. Having grown up with a grandfather that was a priest (and a mother who followed suit later in life), I understood those challenges.

Not only were we able to meet that challenge, but all the others as well! In fact, most of their challenges are exactly why I work almost exclusively with WordPress now. It is by far the easiest, most flexible and yet powerful and dynamic web development tool out there. And the cost can’t be beat!

By providing the tools, training and a solid foundation, they were empowered to continue developing their site in ways that best meet their mission.